Adoption Delays…

The latest information we have on the Nepal adoptions currently underway for 2009 is that they are on hold.  No word on how long these families will have to wait.  Some already have referrals and will be forced to wait indefinitely to travel to bring their children home.

Nepal is in a very transitional state right now politically leaving government run programs unpredictable in their affairs.  Positions are changing hands or temporarily empty while looking for a replacement and this only leads to delays and changes.

Please pray not only for us, but for the families currently waiting on their approval to travel.  These familie have a photo of their child, medical information, and anything else available on their child.  How heartbreaking for them to be waiting indefinitely.  Randy and I pray these delays will be resolved (with no more to follow) by the time our dossier is sent to Nepal (January 2010).  We are so ready to travel to Nepal to bring our daughter home.  The closer we get the harder it will be to be patient and wait.

We did touch-ups to the baby’s room over the weekend.  Randy patched some holes in the wall, I sanded and removed more wall paper.  We also took down some trim and have decided to paint the remaining trim on the walls.  It is too hard to take it off the wall, and since it is a small room, I will just take my time and paint it on the walls.

We aren’t working too quickly on the room.  To have it all finished and ready and waiting would just be too much on us emotionally.  We will work on it little by little until it is finished. 


Adoption Update…

Holt has received the last of our paper work we needed to make corrections to.  Now we wait.  The adoptions in process this year are moving along smoothly.  We can only hope the 2010 adoptions (that’s us) go the same way.

 I plan to order a 2010 planner soon, so I can make a note of the dates different pieces of paper work expire and also make a note 3 months, 6 months, and 9 months prior to the expiration date, so I can make absolutely sure we stay on top of renewing everything necessary.

I’m still in search of a water filter that meets the CDC’s requirements, specifically for cryptosporidium.  I did get a nice response from NSF International saying they have no recommendations for a travel filter only large water filtration systems.  I will leave whatever I have to behind to ensure we have a good water filter while we are in Nepal.  Again, once some families return this year from their adoptions we will know the availability of bottled water, sicknesses to prepare for, etc.  Until then I will just freak out and way over plan for the big event.  We may just have to resort to boiling water to be safe since even bottled water can contain cryptosporidium.

This is the latest in adoption news!  Hope everyone is having a wonderful Monday.


Federal Adoption Tax Credit…

I have just posted a widget on my sidebar to support H.R. 213:  The Adoption Tax Relief Guarantee Act of 2009.  This bill would prevent the 2001 Adoption Tax Credit from expiring in 2010.

Without this tax credit being renewed/extended, Randy and I will most likely not be able to adopt internationally again.  To my knowledge we will not even receive this credit for our current adoption if it expires in 2010.  International adoption is VERY expensive.  For average Joes like us, the cost isn’t feasible without this tax credit.

This is a much needed credit to families who are adopting.  Without this credit the number of orphans is likely to grow as people are forced to give up on adoption due to financial restraints. 

Please help support H.R. 213:  The Adoption Tax Relief Guarantee Act of 2009

Write Your U.S. Representative

Write Your U.S. Senator

I have done both!!! 

Please help orphans and adoptive parents by showing your support.


Dossier Has Been Reviewed…

Our agency has reviewed our dossier.  We have very few corrections to make on our dossier, mostly just notary commissions expiring.  I got the email this morning and already have new forms in the mail to references and everything printed to redo correctly.

Once our dossier is completed in full we will wait until January of 2010 when Holt will send it to Nepal. 

The adoptions taking place this year are going well so far and are moving along at a fairly quick rate.  This gives us hope next year will follow the same timeline.

2009 is the first year for adoptions under the new requirements since Nepal revamped their adoption process.  Nepal is only allowing 10 families to adopt from selected agencies each year, and we did not make the 2009 group.  However, this gives us the opportunity to follow families as they proceed ahead of us and get a better idea of what the process will be like when it is our year.

Randy and I have a list of girl’s names we go over from time-to-time.  Her room sits nearly empty in need of primer and paint.  We are being patient and trusting everything will happen in God’s good timing.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!


Quick Adoption Update…

Our updated home study arrived in the mail Monday evening.  I made copies Tuesday, so that part should be ready.


Today we are headed to Pratt to re-sign and re-notarize our medical paper work our doctor had to re-do (see a pattern here?)per Nepal’s changes.  He was nice enough to do it without a fuss.  We also need to develop a picture of Randy by himself to send along with all our other photos.


Once these two things are done all we will be waiting on is our I600 approval from USCIS.  Once it arrives we will have to sign it, copy it, and notarize it and get it in the mail to Holt. 


It is a BEAUTIFUL day here, and I am working a half-day before heading to the kinesiologist/chiropractor and then home to meet Randy to head to Pratt.  I am looking forward to a short day at work and an afternoon spent with my husband.


Have a wonderful day!



Friday I met Randy to have all of our paper work notarized for our adoption.  It really took less time than we both thought it would.  Our passport photos came in the mail yesterday as did our final reference letter.  Things are coming together!


I need to contact our doctor’s office, make sure they received all the paper work, and see when they expect to have it sent back to us.  Once our I600 approval gets here we should be able to have it notarized and send in our dossier. 


I’m ready for the wait, maybe not so much ready for the wait as ready to be done with the paper work process.  Hopefully by having our sheriff’s letter and our doctor’s letters and forms redone and the dates updated we will avoid future delays trying to get them updated later.



April Checklist…

 Below is what we have completed so far (they aren’t notarized, but we will hopefully notarize the majority of it tomorrow:         

1.  Photos

*6 reflect family life

 *1 of us together

*1 of Randy

*1 of Me

*6-8 of the interior and exterior of our home

2.  Passport Photos-waiting for them to arrive in the mail

3.  Letter of Intent to Adopt

4.  Dossier Family Profile Summary Form

5.  Police Clearances/Sheriff’s Letter

6.  Marriage Certificate

7.  Birth Certificates of Applicants

8.  Home study-waiting on updated one from agency

9.  Health Examination-waiting for doctor’s update

10.  Physical Assessment-waiting for doctor’s update

11.  Psychological Assessment-waiting for doctor’s update

12.  Employment Letter

13.  Financial Statement

17.  Taxes (most recent 1040 federal tax form)

18.  Bank Statement/Bank Letter

19.  Copy of CIS Approval, or I171H

20.  Photocopies of Passports

21.  Resume

22.  Reference Declarations-still missing 1:4

23.  Post-Adoption Agreement

24.  Guardianship Designation

25.  Guardianship Statement

Hopefully all our information will arrive before the end of the month, so we can send our dossier to Holt and take our spot in line with the rest of the families waiting to bring their children home. 


Fingerprinting for I600-A…

Yesterday I left work early and headed to Wichita for fingerprinting at USCIS.  Luckily (and sadly) there were very few people there.  We were in and out (minus parking issues). 


I also got the rest of our photos printed at Sam’s.  The Sheriff in our hometown is so great.  We had to have him redo his letter due to some changes Nepal made.  I mailed the letter Monday.  Our Sheriff had the letter back to us by Wednesday.  I also mailed our doctor his paper work and letters to redo.  We haven’t received them, but will hopefully receive them soon.  We also mailed our dossier fee Monday and plan to have most of our paper work notarized Friday.  Things are moving along. 


As soon as we receive one last reference declaration, our I600-A approval, and our doctor’s paper work we may have a few things to notarize, but otherwise our dossier will be ready to mail to Holt.  Yea us!!


A website/blog I like to read has recently linked a blog.  Their son has traveled to Nepal with two other guys and plans to make a film bringing attention to Nepal.  What timing.  I’m excited to hear what he has to say and see photos of his stay in Nepal.


Hope everyone has a wonderful day! 

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Weather and a Weekly Update!

According to the weather forecast (that changes oh-so-frequently), we are going to have rain tonight turning to snow by early morning and throughout the day Friday and Saturday.  Yuck!  We laid new straw in the buildings for the mamas and babies and are hoping and praying the weatherman is wrong.


I found a piano on for free as long as we load it and haul it off.  It doesn’t have a bench, but is an upright and looks okay in the picture.  It is first come, first serve and due to the weather it will be Sunday before we can pick it up.  We will see if it was meant to be or not.


My mom always wanted to learn how to play the piano and never did.  I always wished I knew how to play the piano and have tried to teach myself off and on. 


If someday we have children in our home I plan to try my very best to afford them lessons and help them learn how to play the piano if not other instruments as well.


I received yet another box of plants from Gurney’s last night.  Randy was so good to help me get 2 cranberry bushes, 2 dwarf blueberry bushes, and a cherry bush in the ground last night.  I also have two coffee plants that need to be potted inside.  I’m short on pots, but do have some I have been meaning to paint and decorate.  We’ll see if the two tiny plants setting on my counter are incentive enough to get them done.


We still have 37 baby lambs as of this moment in time.  Last night we discovered one of our mamas with a bad half (udder) and twins had gotten a split in the back of her udder.  Once we got her penned up and started to clean up the cut and milk her out I realized her bag was enormously full.  Not sure how this happened with two big healthy lambs nursing her, but it did.  She is now off food and water for at least 24 hours to try to get her milk production down and her udder healed.  We will supplement the lambs if needed and dry her off completely if she does not heal soon. 


We also lost a hen this week.  Randy found her dead in the coop.  Not sure what the cause of death was, but we suspect it could have been from ingesting the Styrofoam insulation on the ceiling of their coop.  It’s tricky for them to get to, but we have noticed areas where it has been pecked.  Hopefully she will be our only casualty.  The insulation is so nice to hold heat in in the winter and keep heat out in the summer.  We may end up having to cover the Styrofoam with wood, but our to-do list is so incredibly long right now the thought of adding to it is less than favorable.

I am looking forward to a 4-day weekend.  I am always off on Fridays and also have Monday off for a dentist appointment.  So, I will be getting our neglected house back in check.  It is all we can do to keep up with regular chores, lambing issues, and feed ourselves.  Housekeeping is kept to a bare minimum during lambing season.  We are just above “safe” and “livable” in our home right now.  Hopefully after this weekend we will be in the “clean” and “comfortable” zone.


Have a great weekend!