We started our flock with 15 Dorper/Texel crosses and 1 registered Texel Ram in 2006.  Our ewes consist of primarily registered and recorded Texels and Romanov/Texel crosses.

Here are just a few pictures of some of the ewes we have on our farm.

This is what we like to call “packing her lunch.”

This is one of our yearling Texel cross ewes.

One of our registered (Richardson) Texel ewe.

One of our two year old Texel crosses.

Romanov ewe with Romanov/Dorper cross lamb.

Romanov ewe

We have 29 Texel ewes for sale to make room for our high percentage ewe lambs we will be saving back.  We are also selling one registered Texels ram that can be bred back to the ewes for an excellent starter flock.  All of the ewes are recorded (50-75% Texel) with their papers for $225. 

1 thought on “Ewes”

  1. Have the ewes sold yet? I am located north of Topeka about 35 miles/45 minutes. I am interested in a meat-focused, grazing (little or no grain) flock.


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