Inspirational and For Fun

First We Have Coffee by Margaret T. Jensen This book was so good.  I will definitely read more of her books.

The Amish:  Images of a Tradition by Jan Folsom

Fearless:  Imagine Your Life Without Fear by Max Lucado

Hiking Guide to Kansas by John W. Young

The Purpose-Driven Life by Rick Warren

The Springs of Joy by Tasha Tudor

The Private World of Tasha Tudor by Richard Brown, Tasha Tudor, and Barbara Werden

Tasha Tudor’s Old-Fashioned Gifts:  Present and Favors for all Occasions by Tasha Tudor and Linda Allen

Tasha Tudor’s Heirloom Crafts by Tovah Martin and Richard W. Brown

Walden by Henry David Thoreau

Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert

Coming Home:  Timeless Wisdom for Families by Dr. James Dobson

Practical Photography:  How to Get the Best Picture Every Time by John Freeman

Prodigal God:  Recovering the Heart of the Christian Faith by Timothy Keller

The Ways of my Grandmothers by Beverly Hungry Wolf

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