The 2011 lambing season is upon us.  We had five breeding pens going this year.  Four of them were Texels and the fifth a Romanov cross pen.  We even took on additional ewes to breed to one of our rams for someone. 

Here are a few of our lambs from our 2010 lambing season.  I will try to get some posted from 2011 as soon as possible.

Here is a Texel mama with her ram lamb baby.

Texel baby not even an hour old.

Dorper Baby

Same Dorper baby two weeks later.

Katahdin cross ram lamb (twins).

2 thoughts on “2011…”

  1. I would like to know how I can be able to get one of your texel lambs I been trying to find one I live in waller tx were mostly goats are more common than sheep


  2. We will have Texel lambs available around June. Please let us know if you are interested. We will be posting pictures throughout lambing season Thank you for your interest.


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