Since we are breeding up to registered Texels from Texel/Dorper crosses we will be selling more of our recorded, percentage (50-75%) ewes off our farm this year.  We have sold the two Texel rams we had for sale and the Romanov yearling ram we had for sale.  These ewes are 1-3 year olds that have done a wonderful job for us, but as we keep back our higher percertage ewes we have to sell some of the lower percentage ewes.  With some of these ewes and a new Texel ram you could cut a year or two off breeding up to registered Texels if you are interested.

This year we crossed our Texel ewes with a Romanov ram and our Romanov ewes with a Texel ram and are loving the results as of halfway through our lambing season.

2012 Lambing Season (coming soon)




3 thoughts on “Sheep”

  1. Hi,
    I’m looking for a purebred (not necessarily registered) romanov ram lamb. Do you have any or will you in the near future?
    Thanks much


  2. We crossed our Romanov rams to Texel ewes and visa versa except our registered flock of Texels, so we won’t have any full blooded Romanov rams to sell this year. However, my Dad breeds Romanovs and has a large flock and is just around the corner from us. If you are interested just let me know, and I can get you his information.


  3. When You cross Dorper with Romanov are they wool or hair sheep or a little of both? I would love to see some pictures of the cross. I would be interested in a Romanov / Dorper Ram lamb, and some unrealted Romanov Dorper ewes. Do you think if you had white in both you would produce white lambs more at a high percentagee rate? Im haveing a hard time seeing from your site what state your located in. Love your site.


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