Fingerprinting for I600-A…

Yesterday I left work early and headed to Wichita for fingerprinting at USCIS.  Luckily (and sadly) there were very few people there.  We were in and out (minus parking issues). 


I also got the rest of our photos printed at Sam’s.  The Sheriff in our hometown is so great.  We had to have him redo his letter due to some changes Nepal made.  I mailed the letter Monday.  Our Sheriff had the letter back to us by Wednesday.  I also mailed our doctor his paper work and letters to redo.  We haven’t received them, but will hopefully receive them soon.  We also mailed our dossier fee Monday and plan to have most of our paper work notarized Friday.  Things are moving along. 


As soon as we receive one last reference declaration, our I600-A approval, and our doctor’s paper work we may have a few things to notarize, but otherwise our dossier will be ready to mail to Holt.  Yea us!!


A website/blog I like to read has recently linked a blog.  Their son has traveled to Nepal with two other guys and plans to make a film bringing attention to Nepal.  What timing.  I’m excited to hear what he has to say and see photos of his stay in Nepal.


Hope everyone has a wonderful day! 

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