Around the Homestead

Easter Weekend…

Is spring really on its way?  I already had onions and potatoes in the ground before the blizzard hit.  The onions aren’t looking too good, so I may grab another bunch of onions from mom’s store to make sure we have enough.  Her supplier didn’t have anymore for her.  They told her more people were planting gardens this year and there weren’t enough seeds to keep up with demand.  So, I better have her set me back some onion plants before they are gone.  The weight of the snow broke off two of our cherry bushes we had just planted.  I pruned off the broken piece and will hope for the best.  I don’t know if they can make a comeback or not.

 This weekend will be spent putting up a privacy fence between our sheep lots and our backyard.  One of our dogs bit the ear off of one of our baby lambs.  We plan to seal it up and close in the gate so it cannot happen again. 

 Can you imagine?

 We had hoped this weekend would be spent tearing down a section of our old fencing in our pasture so we could replace it with new.  Between the wind, snow, and rain we have not been able to get out there and get to work on it.  We had the wire delivered, but we still need to count up how many posts we need and get them picked up.  The old fencing is barbed wire and will have to be rolled up by hand.  Not a fun job.  Especially since just the one side we are replacing first is nearly ½ mile long.  We are also installing a gate which requires more corner posts, digging, and money.  One good thing is since we’ve had so much snow and rain the ground should be soft for digging posts and pounding in t-posts.  Always look on the bright side, right.

 The wind has been so terrible here it just rattles you to the point of exhaustion.  Randy and I are feeling the aftermaths of lambing and bad weather with complete burnout.  We have also been trying to make up some time at work so this week our mornings start at 3:30 (that’s a.m.).  We make milk for the bottles and buckets, feed the dogs, and both head outside to give bottles, baking soda water and electrolytes to a couple of lambs with upset tummies, let the sheep out of the building, let the chickens out and let Cooter (the cat) out.  Then it’s inside to clean bottles, drenchers, and get ready to head off to work. 

 Saturday evening family will start rolling into town.  We are meeting cousins for dinner in town that evening.  We have Easter Sunrise Service at a little pond in a pasture.  There are large crosses driven into the ground, a fire going, and homemade breakfast is served afterward.  It’s usually a little chilly, but it is such a neat way to celebrate Easter everyone braves it even on the coldest of mornings.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Easter!

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