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Blizzard 2009…

Well, the blizzard hit and it hit hard this past weekend.  We are still lambing, so we were out every three hours to check on the girls and make sure everyone was okay.  They got shut up in our barn and stayed there for 2 days.  Feeders were hauled in to feed and 5-gallon buckets of water were lugged in for drinking.  Not to mention bottle duty.  Everyone did well even at Mom and Dad’s.














On the right side you can see the chicken coop where the back door of the is buried under snow.


The chickens were trapped in their coop for six whole days.  Talk about some major chicken feed consumption and low egg production.  Our second batch of Rhode Islands started laying.  Yea!  So we have some fun little eggs to add to our collection.




Not hanging clothes on the line today.
















You can kind of see Hank peaking out of the building.  On the right side you can just barely see the top of our shute which is about 4 feet tall.  Luckily we have roly poly rams or they could have cruised across the snow and right into the pen with the girls.




The girls prefer their hay at room temperature, but a little bit of cabin fever and they will eat it any way it is served.



Two-thirds of our triplets.




One of our sweet and cuddling lambs.  We renamed her polar bear.




She likes to give kisses.
















A really fun project Randy and I took on Friday was peeling wallpaper off our spare bedroom walls.  The first layer of wallpaper was this dark, blackish color.  Don’t forget the paneling.  The paneling is still up until we decide if we are going to paint it (which is what we are leaning towards since we don’t want to have to take down all the trim) or remove it and skim coat the walls.




Underneath the blackish wall paper was this fabulous seventies wallpaper.  One wall had the black, then a green, then this wallpaper.  So fun!


My brother is coming over this weekend and while Randy is working on his fishing boat, Craig and I will be contemplating where to go from here.  He will hopefully skim coat the walls this weekend so I can pick out some paint (while it is on sale) and go to town painting.



This is how the dogs spent their days during the blizzard.  They loved the snow once it stopped falling.  They could have easily cleared the fence and escaped if they wanted to.  Standing on the snow drifts they could stretch their little necks and look over the fence.  Good thing they didn’t dare.


I believe we are up to 44 lambs on our farm.  Everyone is happy and healthy despite the weather and the fact their lots have standing water all over.  The lambs curl up in the feeders which are black, warm, and dry.  I’ve tried to take pictures, but anytime you go near those feeders our ewes think FOOD, start bawling, and the babies scatter.


Hay is getting slim and our pasture needs burned and new fencing.  However, between the wind, rain, and snow we are having trouble getting it burned so we can rebuild the fence and get the grass growing.  Hopefully we get a nice calm day so we can drop some matches and let it burn.


Randy was off yesterday and cleaned house and did laundry.  My MRH order came in, so with a clean house all I have to do on my Friday off is play.  I hope to make lotion, shampoo, and hopefully a cuticle drop.  I have to keep my nails short incase a lamb need pulled, so with that comes split fingers.  Very painful.





























Here is my Mountain Rose Herb order.  I just can’t get enough of that place.  I love it!


Hope you all have a wonderful week.  I will be snuggling up with a couple of books from the library:


New Women’s Devotional Bible


101 Most Powerful Promises in the Bible by Steve Rabey, Lois Rabey, and Marcia Ford

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