Adoption Update…

Holt has received the last of our paper work we needed to make corrections to.  Now we wait.  The adoptions in process this year are moving along smoothly.  We can only hope the 2010 adoptions (that’s us) go the same way.

 I plan to order a 2010 planner soon, so I can make a note of the dates different pieces of paper work expire and also make a note 3 months, 6 months, and 9 months prior to the expiration date, so I can make absolutely sure we stay on top of renewing everything necessary.

I’m still in search of a water filter that meets the CDC’s requirements, specifically for cryptosporidium.  I did get a nice response from NSF International saying they have no recommendations for a travel filter only large water filtration systems.  I will leave whatever I have to behind to ensure we have a good water filter while we are in Nepal.  Again, once some families return this year from their adoptions we will know the availability of bottled water, sicknesses to prepare for, etc.  Until then I will just freak out and way over plan for the big event.  We may just have to resort to boiling water to be safe since even bottled water can contain cryptosporidium.

This is the latest in adoption news!  Hope everyone is having a wonderful Monday.

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