Our World…Top Ten…

THIS article is so good if you want to read it in it’s entirety.  In the meantime, here are

The Ten “Big Duh” Realizations about Our World That Need to be Stated:

1:  Pharmaceuticals don’t work

2:  You can’t raise healthy children on garbage food

3:  Modern society is not sustainable

4:  the American Empire is bankrupt

5:  The health care crisis cannot be solved unless we focus on health

6:  You cannot “screen” your way to good health

7:  Carbon emissions do impact the environment

8:  Animals have consciousness

9:  All the medicine we need already exists in plants

10:  Humankind has learned nothing from the “advancement” of technology

So what do you do…..use herbs to treat sickness, eat and feed your children organic, non-processed food, stop being “consumers” and buying stuff you don’t really need, buy fuel efficient cars, but more importantly quit driving so much, and buy humanely raised meats and dairy products preferably from a local farm.

The article is a smidge on the political side which was not my intent on this blog, but the points he makes are worth reading. 

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