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Winter Feed…

Here are the oats bales Dad has for himself to use and for us to buy from him to use this winter for hay.



Oats for feed.



Randy and I were laughing at how funny this had to look to folks passing by.  He is mowing our pasture while our sheep graze in our backyard.




The pasture we use to run our sheep is in pretty rough shape.  Now that we have a new fence and fence posts around it we are working to improve the quality of grass.  We missed burning in the spring because it was always too windy on the weekends, and we were at work during the week when we would have a nice day to burn here and there.  So, we are having to mow it again to try to get it under control so our sheep have enough grass until fall.

**Please excuse the dirty glass door I took these pictures through.  Kind of hard to keep glass clean when you have 3 dogs and nearly 100 sheep nosing it.


See that wood floor?  Yep, that is our back deck.  The shade trees apparently weren’t good enough for these spoiled girls.  They were so hot (100+ degrees), how could you say no?


Here are more of them tucked under the dog house trying to stay cool. 

We spent the weekend mowing the front yard and pasture, separating and weaning our ram lambs to take to the sale in two weeks, and moving panels around to get our sheep to weedy areas to clean up and the backyard.  The backyard was decided because the bermuda is so thick and such good grass compared to their pature.  It’s a huge area, so we are going to try to keep them on it Friday-Sunday to stretch their pasture as far as possible in hopes of not having to buy hay too early in the season.

Hope you enjoyed a weekend on our (little bit hillbilly farm).  Have a great day! 

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