Dossier Has Been Reviewed…

Our agency has reviewed our dossier.  We have very few corrections to make on our dossier, mostly just notary commissions expiring.  I got the email this morning and already have new forms in the mail to references and everything printed to redo correctly.

Once our dossier is completed in full we will wait until January of 2010 when Holt will send it to Nepal. 

The adoptions taking place this year are going well so far and are moving along at a fairly quick rate.  This gives us hope next year will follow the same timeline.

2009 is the first year for adoptions under the new requirements since Nepal revamped their adoption process.  Nepal is only allowing 10 families to adopt from selected agencies each year, and we did not make the 2009 group.  However, this gives us the opportunity to follow families as they proceed ahead of us and get a better idea of what the process will be like when it is our year.

Randy and I have a list of girl’s names we go over from time-to-time.  Her room sits nearly empty in need of primer and paint.  We are being patient and trusting everything will happen in God’s good timing.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

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