Adoption Delays…

The latest information we have on the Nepal adoptions currently underway for 2009 is that they are on hold.  No word on how long these families will have to wait.  Some already have referrals and will be forced to wait indefinitely to travel to bring their children home.

Nepal is in a very transitional state right now politically leaving government run programs unpredictable in their affairs.  Positions are changing hands or temporarily empty while looking for a replacement and this only leads to delays and changes.

Please pray not only for us, but for the families currently waiting on their approval to travel.  These familie have a photo of their child, medical information, and anything else available on their child.  How heartbreaking for them to be waiting indefinitely.  Randy and I pray these delays will be resolved (with no more to follow) by the time our dossier is sent to Nepal (January 2010).  We are so ready to travel to Nepal to bring our daughter home.  The closer we get the harder it will be to be patient and wait.

We did touch-ups to the baby’s room over the weekend.  Randy patched some holes in the wall, I sanded and removed more wall paper.  We also took down some trim and have decided to paint the remaining trim on the walls.  It is too hard to take it off the wall, and since it is a small room, I will just take my time and paint it on the walls.

We aren’t working too quickly on the room.  To have it all finished and ready and waiting would just be too much on us emotionally.  We will work on it little by little until it is finished. 

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