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An End of July Homestead Update…

We have had a rough few days on our homestead. Randy hurt his back last Tuesday and was out of commission and off work Wednesday thru Sunday. I was on my own for chores. We got in 52 broilers Friday morning and ran to town to pick them up. I had already set up their temporary pen inside our garage/shop, so all I had to do was dip their beaks in water one at a time and they were on their own. We lost two in the first two days, but everyone seems to be doing well otherwise.

One of my little ewe lambs (my smallest weed-eater) got sick on Sunday evening and died Monday morning. There had to have been something wrong with her I missed for her to go down so quick. She was just a pet lamb not fit for breeding. She was very sick as a baby, and I nursed her back to “health” only to have her stunted and weighing 18 lbs at 5 months old (her twin brother probably weighs between 60-70 lbs for a comparison on how stunted she was. Fit for breeding or not, it was a really sad day at our house Monday evening.

Randy’s job is a little worrisome as he is in aviation, and aviation has been hit really hard by all the layoffs. We are preparing for the worst without getting carried away in the gloom-and-doom state of our country. We have faith together we will make it through whatever comes our way. We have also detached ourselves from materialism as much as possible which makes the idea of “hard times” a little easier to swallow. As long as we have each other and can still care for our animals we will be just fine. We had planned and started a health regime, before Randy hurt his back, to start preparing for our trip to Nepal.

We have eliminated alcohol, limited caffeine (no daily coffee), and have begun eliminating refined sugar (not by using sugar substitutes, they are poison). We are already feeling better and have noticed some slimming down. We don’t use a scale, so this is just a personal observation.

As soon as Randy’s back is better we plan to begin some serious walking and eventually even packing weight (since we will be wearing a baby/toddler while we are there). I have also started yoga which Randy will hopefully join me once his back feels capable. I hope to visit an ashram or two while in Nepal for some real life yoga experiences. In the meantime here in the US I have a lot of work to do before I take my Americanized-can-hardly-touch-my-toes-because-I-sit-at-a-desk-all-day behind into an ashram in Nepal to embarrass myself. Baby steps….

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