Garden Update…

Tomatoes-nada….zip, zero, zilch!  We have green tomatoes on and tons of blossoms, but as far as ripe, red, ready-to-eat tomatoes we don’t have a single one to speak of.

We have notices our pole beans are on and should be ready to pick by today or tomorrow.  We have okra on and soon ready, peppers of all kinds, and sweet potatoes to dig.

I planted a patch of spinach and lettuce for fall and hope to stick winter onions and garlic in the ground soon.  I am also going to try to plant a patch of turnips for the chickens to dine on this winter.  Dad bought bulk turnip seed to plant along with the wheat so the sheep have extra grazing when they are out on wheat pasture.  So I may use some of the excess to plant little patches here and there to see if the chickens will root around and feast on them.

Our blueberries are doing fabulous considering they were just planted this past spring.  We get enough each week for a batch of blueberry pancakes or a little snack. 

I am taking full advantage of the farmer’s market.  Last week I picked up cucumbers, tomatoes, potatoes, and peaches.  This week I will be headed back to see what they have to add to our dinners.

1 thought on “Garden Update…”

  1. I hope your husband is better by now…. any tomatoes ever turn red? Mine are JUST turning red. Late harvest this year.


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