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Just a Quick Update…

I know I haven’t posted in awhile, so I thought I would drop by to apologize and give a quick update.

We have three kittens (rescued) as additions to our farm, Murphy, Max, and Macy.  Cooter was not impressed, but is adjusting.

We have a friend coming to stay the night on his way to WA state.  Yea!

This Saturday we sell our ram lambs and 3 cull ewes.  Really sad….I really want to find an alternative to culling our ewes if anyone has an economical suggestion.  Our pen did have 5 cull ewes, but 2 of them with 1/2 of their udder not producing milk (can’t raise twins very well=bottle lambs) made it back into our breeding pens.  I just couldn’t do it….it made me sick to my stomach to think about selling them and what might happen to them.  Luckily, I have a very compassionate and fairly patient husband who move the last of the two over for me one evening after I voiced my distress about selling her. 

This weekend I plan to (I’m only listing the fun/interesting stuff on my to-do list for ya):

Can tomatoes

Make fermented salsa (NT)

Make honey-sweetened homemade ice cream

Make whole wheat tortillas (soaked)

Soak beans for chili

Cook chili over an open-fire

Plant turnips for winter forage for our sheep and chickens

Dig sweet potatoes

And many more not-so-fun-or-interesting things.  Wish me luck!

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.

1 thought on “Just a Quick Update…”

  1. Hi Gretchen!

    I was beginning to wonder about you! I figured you have been busy. Things have slowed down a bit. The canning season, what am I saying? What canning season? The rain really hit this region hard and everyone’s crops took a hit. I am scared to think about grocery prices. I was fortunate to be able to put up green beans and some spaghetti sauce.
    How is Randy’s job? I know in your more recent posts you were still concerned. I am fortunate that my husband is working now and things are looking optimistic, however that can change overnight.
    Love the names of your kittens! Maybe you could share a picture of them? My children love looking at your animals. We have a stray cat that we have been coaxing to be our friend for 2 years! We are hoping to socialize him enough to get him to our Vet and bring him with us when we move next Spring. He is a tough cat, surviving the Maine winters and countless fights.
    Well, time to tuck the kiddos in. Have a blessed weekend!



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