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Just a Summer Farm Update…

The latest joke amongst our circle of friends is my/our “organic/green” lifestyle.  Well, here is an example of things we do that make passersby do a double take.

We like to think of them as “All-Natural Weed-Eaters and Fertilizers.”  Other people just think we are weird.




After all that grazing the girls were thirsty and stopped for a drink before heading out to pasture to find their mamas.



Look at the one taking a drink (0906).  She is really thirsty!


We actually let these two little girls out because they are smaller than everyone else and get pushed out of the grain feeder.  They get an ice cream bucket of grain and all the grass and fallen leaves they can handle. 

The smallest of the two was really sick as a baby and will most likely never reach full-size or be bred.  On a regular farm this little gal would have either a) not made it as far as she has because a real “rancher” would have just let her go or put her down or b) sent her to the sale barn.  On our farm she was doctored, medicated, bottle fed every hour, and is the cutest “little” thing you will ever see.  We never named her because we never thought she would make it as long as she has.  So she is referred to by her tag number 905 and comes when you call out her number.


Randy has been cruising around on his Honda Express and Cooter wanted to try it out.  R


Randy never had the tires moving with the little guy in the basket, but Cooter really didn’t freak out when I stuck him in the basket.  He’s not your average, run-of-the-mill cat.

 Below are just a few pictures from a hot, dry, windy, summer day in Kansas. 


Here are the girls chewing their cud in the shade.


Here are the banties stealing a drink from the sheep’s stock tank. 




We have lost many a bantam to the stock tank.  If the water level gets too low they will jump onto the side to lean in for a drink.  Then they fall in and then they drowned.  Not the brightest creatures to roam the earth, but they are good scavengers and lay really yummy eggs.

That’s it….that is our life from our little chunk of Earth!  Have a great day!

1 thought on “Just a Summer Farm Update…”

  1. Hey there Gretchen!

    Hope all is well! Just stopped by your blog to check on things! Love your pictures of your farm and animals!
    Summer has finally arrived in Maine! I hope this heat will give everyone’s gardens a much needed growing time or should I say, drying time?
    Take care!



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