Adoption Progress…

So far we have managed to get most of our dossier paper work completed.  Our fingerprints were done yesterday for the KBI background check and our Power of Attorney was mailed out to be state certified.  Now we wait. 

We are still waiting on our medical form update before our home study can be updated.  This is our main hold-up as of right now.  We need the home study to update our I600A, so this is a bit of a snag.  I’ve faxed it twice with no response, so I dropped hard copies in the mail Monday.  If we don’t get a reply by the end of the week our plan is to make new appointments with a PA we have seen before in a town nearby.

We spent the weekend priming and painting the nursery.  We used a low-odor, environmentally friendly primer and paint from Lowe’s.  We even looked at a few cribs here and there while we were out.  Randy thought they looked pretty cheap and wasn’t very impressed.  It’s hard to find anything made out of real wood anymore.  We will keep looking.  I don’t know if we will do a lot in the way of furniture.  We are going to try to stay on the low end spending-wise so we can save up for adoption expenses and travel.  We hope to buy second-hand when we’re able and only buy what we absolutely need.  For now we have a rocking chair, a few cloth storage totes for organizing the closet and changing area, and possibly a bookshelf.

Our paper work for our dossier is as complete as it can be until we receive our home study and can send off for our I600A update.  For now we are waiting on the medical forms and then the homestudy before we can move on.

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