Adoption Update…

Although our Nepal adoption didn’t work out that doesn’t mean we stopped trying.  We had started the process to foster-adopt through the US.  Something we weren’t altogether sure about, but wanted to get the required classes under our belt and see where it led.  So far it hasn’t been very fruitful, but we intend to try to get all the classes taken so we will be ready on down the road to possibly adopt through the US foster care system.

In the meantime, we contacted Holt to discuss the possibility of reopening our file and updating all our paper work for an adoption from Ethiopia.  This was our initial desire, but too many things got in the way of our decision-making.  Too many things clouded our thoughts, our plans, and our lives for us to see this is where we needed to be all along.  When I ran the idea by Randy I wasn’t sure what his reaction would be….he simply said “okay.”  I asked if he was sure.  There was no hesitation.  This was the right decision for us.  We made the agreement to not look at the financial part of it, not get frustrated when things get tough, and no matter what we will get through it this time.  We have been saving, we have been on a tight budget, and we will save more during the waiting process.  Travel costs are less to and within Ethiopia and the travel time is less (10 days as opposed to 3-4 weeks).  We will speak to our vet about kenneling our dogs and have a backup vet if the first falls through.  We will discuss a detox program with our kinesiologist for when we return to help with all the vaccinations required for us and our baby.  All of the things we had reservations about before…we will adjust, we will plan for, we will deal with.  It’s part of the process, not something to deter us from doing what we are led to do.

I will call Holt this afternoon to let them know we are sure and want to proceed.  We have to update quite a bit of our paper work, redo our KBI fingerprinting and background check, have new medical exams, and a few other things.  However, this is old hat to us!

I’m buying paint Friday so we can continue finishing the baby’s room.  It had been put on hold along with everything else until we knew what was going to happen.  It is a long way from complete, but so is our adoption.  We have no furniture except a beautiful rocking chair passed down from Randy’s grandma.  The rest of the furniture taking up space in there will just have to find a new home here or elsewhere.  We are excited!  We are ready!  Say a little prayer this time is meant to be.

**We aren’t telling mom and dad yet.  We want a referral photo in hand before we break the news to them we will be leaving for 10 days, and they are in charge of our farm!

1 thought on “Adoption Update…”

  1. We are ao happy for you and Randy. You both are in our thoughts and prayers and that everything goes ok this time. We love you both.


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