Medical Updates…

Okay, I finally got through with someone at our doctor’s office to confirm out medical forms we need updated arrived.  I faxed them twice last week and finally gave in and mailed them Monday.  I don’t think the faxes ever went through, but they did receive what I mailed.  Yea! 

The doctor is out of the office today, but the nurse said she would try to get him to do them tomorrow and leave a note to call us as soon as they are ready.  If they finish them tomorrow I will drive over there, pick them up, and mail a copy to Holt that same day.  It’s a 30 minute drive one way, but it doesn’t matter.  We need these letters to continue the process.  We are at a standstill until we receive these, so I will risk life and limb to get them.  If he doesn’t get them done tomorrow we will have to have them mailed to us and it will be next week before we can get them sent to Holt.  Let’s pray he has a slow day at his doctor’s office, on a Friday, in the dead of winter, and has time to type them up for us… could happen.

It’s a chain reaction once we receive our medical:

Medical update-Home study update-I600A update-Dossier completion

Each one has to be completed before we can proceed with the next.  We are in hurry-up-and-wait mode!  That’s adoption world.  We are getting used to it and just doing what needs to be done and knowing it will all happen in God’s good time.

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