The Latest…

Our Parent in Process classes were amazing.  Our social worker was wonderful, we met other great couples, and had an amazing time.  We hope to keep intouch with another couple we met who plans to adopt from Korea.

Our home study (visit from the social worker) is tenatively scheduled for this weekend (weather permitting). 

Then, upon approval we will send off our dossier and I600 forms and begin the wait. 

Our social worker is from a farm, so we hope she is prepared for our little farm, and we have a positive impression on her.  Once our home study is complete and (hopefully) been approved, we will inform the family of our plans (and possibly open up this blog).

We will also make our final decisions as far as country and age (we aren’t able to select gender due to not having any children) when our social worker comes to our home.

We were informed we would not be able to adopt a sibling group (unless infant twins become available) or a child over five years of age due to not having any children.  Interesting, but not completely devastating to us.  We had hoped for a sibling group, but will continue the process for a single child positively.

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