Homestudy packet Sent and PIP Classes…

Everything for our home study packet has been sent in and received by Holt.  Randy and I have also enrolled in the Waiting Child program through Holt and have been accepted. 

This weekend is our PIP Classes in KC.  We are staying at a friend’s house which helps cut some costs.  Thank you Aisha!  The classes are Saturday and Sunday from 9:00-3:30.  They are given by our social worker, so hopefully we can get an idea of how are out we are for our home study visit from her.  We are still worried about the cost and will probably always worry about the cost.  We will just pray God will provide for us through our adoption process.

Our roof is only 2/3 done and our front door is still not functioning.  Dad hopes to finish up a house in town and then we are next on the list.  Once the roof and front door area are complete, Randy and I can begin the interior painting that will need to be done.

I still have a cold and go to see Dr. Cohoon (chiropractor/kinesiologist) today, so hopefully by tomorrow I am back on track.  I really feel like it was all the processed food over Thanksgiving, but who knows.

Hope you have a wonderful day.

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