Home Study Preparations…

Sunday is our home study and as the day draw closer I get a little more uneasy.  I am working on a to-do list for Friday and Saturday along with my regular chores to prepare our home for the social worker’s visit.

To-do List:

check our check supply

find a paint brush

touch up paint in family room




clean wood floors

clean bathroom

wash bedding

wash laundry (whites, rugs, and shower curtain)

fold & put away blankets

set up dog kennels

bake bread

go to the dairy

make:  cottage cheese, yogurt, kefir, villi, and mozarella (as time allows)

make litter box sprinkle

fix gate latch

fill sheep’s salt & mineral (along with normal chores)

tend to Dad’s ram (he came for a visit unexpectedly)

move not-so-baby chicks into chicken coop

I’m sure I will come up with a million other things to keep me busy and prepare for the visit from our social worker. 

Please pray for us as we go through yet another part of the adoption process.

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