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Cooter visits the vet & Smoothie recipe…

We took our cat, Cooter, to the vet last night to get his yearly shots and a check up.  He was running a fever and really congested.  They vaccinated him and gave us antibiotics for him.  He wasn’t doing very well last night, but hopefully he will start feeling better soon.  The wet weather and damp air is believed to be the culprit.

I made my dh and I a smoothie last night when we got home from the vet before he went to my Grandma’s to work on the combines.  We still haven’t turned our a/c on, so a cool drink sounded really good.

Tropical Smoothie

1-2 Bananas

2 c. Kefir

1 c. Pineapple

1/2 c. Orange Juice

2 T. Coconut Oil

1 T. Flax Oil

1 t. Stevia



It rained last night, so wheat harvest is on hold once again.  With every rainstorm the quality of the wheat decreases even more.  It’s starting to fall over in some farmer’s fields and looks thin and terrible.  Everyone just wants this harvest over with.  Dad’s combines are still needing repairs.  My brother and dh have been working on them in the evenings trying to get them ready.  There was so much lightning with the storm last night they had to get in and away from the equipment early.  Lightning hit something outside our back door and made us and the dogs jump.  I always worry about the sheep and especially the llama (he’s such a target).  They have been going into the small building for some reason instead of the big building.  They don’t all fit in the small one, so some of them lay outside the door.  The Hank (the llama) has to sleep in the big building alone, poor guy.

Well, that pretty much sums up our Tuesday. 

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