The rabies test came back negative on the cat.  We were both really relieved; however, there was the sad and guilty feeling of knowing we euthanized our cat unnecessarily. 

On a lighter note, the ewe who we have been doctoring and milking out for over two weeks now finally allowed her babies to nurse both sides.  So, we held off on milking her out last night, but tonight will give her a shot of penicillin, doctor her, and possibly milk her out for hopefully the last time.  Hank (the llama) took his wormer like a champ.  He didn’t really know he was taking it because we snuck it in some grain.  A mama ewe and baby got out and helped themselves to the garden yesterday.  It doesn’t appear as if they did too much damage, so over the weekend we will have to walk the pasture fence and see if we can find a place where they got out.

Tonight we are taking Cooter to the vet to check his yearly shots and a check up.  Since our other cat, Psycho, just died from pneumonia and Cooter has been sounding congested we want to make sure he is okay.  He is our last cat, so we intend to guard him like a hawk.  Our blue heeler, Ash, is still favoring her back leg.  We are going to hold off on a vet visit since she is starting to put weight on it.  Hopefully she will make a full recovery soon.  Otherwise, we might as well just sign over our paychecks to the vet. LOL

Have a wonderful Tuesday!

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