Around the Homestead

Around the house…Harvest is underway…

This was my project over the weekend.  My dh finally released his old Caterpillar work boots to me and this is the end result.  Incase you can’t see them very well; there are hens and chicks planted in the boots.  I got the idea after perusing the photos on Long Creek Herbs.  A very cute place I would love to visit someday.

After a day in the heat the pups were ready for a nap.  When we first got Ash (the blue heeler) I wanted her to learn to stay outside, didn’t happen.  When we found Koal on an Alabama roadside and decided to keep the timid little guy I said, “no way am I having two dogs in the house, they will learn to stay outside.”  Well, below are pictures of how well that worked out for me, but now I can’t imagine leaving them locked outside.  Enjoy!

This is Koal.  The chair looks kind of funny because it was pretty dark in the room and the flash reflected off the leather.  I wasn’t even sure you would be able to see the little guy.


This is Ash.  They have been digging holes in the backyard to keep cool (even though they have a pool, dh says they know they aren’t supposed to swim with out adult supervision, ha! ha!).  We are thinking Ash fell in one of her own holes and hurt her leg.  Oops!  She’s getting better, but any other time that oversized tennis ball would have been toast.

Wheat harvest is underway and the wheat is doing better than expected.  Let’s pray it continues on well for my parent’s sake.  They have had some terrible luck lately, so I hope things turn around for them soon.  Farming is never predictable unfortunately.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend. 

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