Around the Homestead



We are in the midst of harvest at our house.  My dh and I help my parents and grandma get their wheat harvest in.  I usually drive the grain truck and take care of the chores at our house.  My dh drives one of the combines with my brother or Dad in the other.  Last year we used a grain cart behind the tractor, but this year the crop is so poor it isn’t needed and not financially feasible to run it.  I did receive my first combine lesson.  There is definitely a lot to know and remember, but the other day I saw a little girl (maybe 14?) driving a big, fast combine and was determined to learn how to drive our old John Deere combines.


We have two baby chicks so far.  We pulled the babies and the mamas, but are contemplating putting the mamas back with everyone else and just leaving the babies in a separate pen since there are two of them.  They are eating and drinking like crazy, so apparently they are both healthy.  Now let’s just hope they are hens and not roosters.  I don’t think my shins can handle anymore roosters on this farm. LOL


Tomorrow my dh and I are headed to Sedalia, Missouri in search of two Texel rams.  It’s a long drive for one day, but our other option was Michigan.  Our in-law are there, but it was still just too far and too hot to haul something that far.  So the “Show Me” state it is! 


Last night we got a break from the field.  We ran to our neighbors and picked up 28 tomato cages they wanted to get rid of.  We finally go to swim in our pool again.  It was so relaxing!  Then I made stir-fry that was really nice and light on a hot day.  I also managed to bake bread, so we can pack a lunch for our trip and started the crock pot with ham hocks for collard greens.  Mmmmm.


I promise to take some harvest pictures.  It’s just an incredible time of year where everyone pulls together, works hard, and is just a little nicer to one another.  It’s like Christmas in June!  Last night on the way home I saw a giant John Deere combine with an American flag on the back of it blowing in the wind out in a wheat field.  Does it get anymore “All American” than that?  If I see it again tonight I’m taking a picture.  It was just one of those scenes screaming to have its picture taken.


Hope everyone has a wonderful week.  Hopefully the next time I blog my sheep flock has increased by two in size.

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