Sedalia Sheep Sale…


So we headed off to Sedalia, Missouri to purchase a yearling ram (a must have) and if we could find a reasonable ram lamb we would also purchase one.  Well we also ended up with a yearling ewe.  We had debated on taking a truck and trailer, but opted to have someone haul them back for us.  He agreed before the sale started to haul two, but had room for three.  If we had taken our own trailer I would like to think we may have ended up with a few more ewes.  Who knew the price would be so great on ewes?  All three will be sitting at the sale barn until Saturday, so hopefully they can hang in there until then.  As soon as they arrive home they will be given a shot for “shipping fever,” pneumonia and quarantined for 1-2 weeks.  Last year we purchased two rams and lost the smaller one to shipping fever, so we aren’t taking any chances this time around.  The selection of yearling rams was less than desirable, but we had to have a ram ready for breeding this fall.  All three of our purchases are RR (scrapies resistant), OPP negative, and were all one of twins.  Our ram lamb is excellent, so I will be excited for next year to put him to the test.  Because of the ewe purchase we will now be able to sell registered Texels in the spring.  We are also considering registering our 50% crosses and breeding them up, so we can register their offspring in a few years.

 We had intended to take the scenic route home through the Ozarks which would have taken and hour or two longer, but by the time it was all over with we decided we were both drained and just wanted to get home.  I will confess we stopped for fast food because we were in a hurry to get home.  Both of us regretted it almost instantly.  Fast food is just something I don’t eat.  We felt terrible and regretted not taking the time to stop and have a decent sit down meal.  We’ll know better next time.  We did get to have sweet tea which is unheard of in Kansas, so that made lunch tolerable. LOL


Now we have lots of work to do to get our lots broken down for breeding season.  We intended to have it done by now, but with Dad breaking his ankle our full attention was directed to his farm instead of our’s.  Now we will focus on our’s and get it workable for us.

Have a great weekend! 

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