Around the Homestead

Homegrown Dinner

What a feeling to be able to provide your own food for your family. We sat down to dinner last night to:

homegrown chicken

homemade butter from cream from our Jersey milk cow

potatoes and bell peppers from the garden

homemade rolls

and Home canned green beans from the garden with homemade cheese on top (thank you Lexi)

Our registered Jersey Milk Cow

In a time when grocery prices are on the rise and shelves are bare, it is nice to know I can still provide really good meals for my family with a little preparation and work.

Behind Lexi in the picture is the beginnings of a green house we hope will stretch our growing season and allow us to grown outside of our current zone 6-7. All we need is more time in the day and longer weekends to get it up and functional.

I should also mention, I’ve always had very good help in the garden.

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