Around the Homestead

December on the farm

Here are some photos from December on our farm.

A friend delivered huge amounts of firewood to us. We are so grateful to him. This will be enough firewood for next winter and possibly longer.

Willie Nelson
Butter for the freezer

There is a Mennonite thrift store in a town nearby that we love. This is the stack of books we brought home.

We also have a Christian book store that gives away their damaged (new) books for a donation. We love to go there, collect a few books, and leave a donation. Below is what we acquired this time.

We acquired a baby goat from Dad who lived on our porch for a week during the cold. Our dog sweaters came in handy.

Lovingly named, Helen, after James Herriot’s wife.

We let her out to run in the yard, so she isn’t cooped up on the porch in her tote, or locked in her little pen in the yard. So by the end of the day, we are both warn out!

Randy had some time off over the holidays. So him and a friend (same great friend who brought us the firewood) worked on the hoop house that will someday be our greenhouse and extend our growing season.

Lizzie-Highland/Hereford cross

It wasn’t all work and no play, thankfully!

Spending time with cousins our girls so dearly love.

4 thoughts on “December on the farm”

  1. Thank you so much for doing these and helping us so far away still feel connected to you. Love y’all!


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