Around the Homestead

Fall on the Farm

The weather has cooled off here, but is still unseasonably warm. This is by far our most favorite time of year. We have nearly put the garden to bed, except for a few carrots and the garlic growing for next year. The animals are all eating hay instead of pasture and have put on their winter wool and fur. The Jerseys are dark and fuzzy, the cats are fluffy and soft, and the sheep are as wide as they are tall with the deep wool they are carrying.

Canyon & Aspen

Marley & Aspen
Our Jersey milk cow, Lexi
Savanna goats
Hereford/Highland cross, Registered Jersey calf, and Hereford

Our school year has begun, the hot cocoa and apple cider have been flowing, we have snuggled up with so many wonderful books together, and love dinners with a big pot of soup and a fresh loaf of bread.

3 thoughts on “Fall on the Farm”

  1. So happy I found this and am able to kind of keep up with y’all. Hope you have a wonderful December and it doesn’t get too cold, but I’m sure winter is coming.


  2. I’m so happy I was able to find this and kind of keep up with you all! Have a wonderful holiday season and give my love to everyone. Hopefully it doesn’t get too cold but I’m sure winter is coming.


  3. Hey, so good to hear from you too. So glad we can keep in touch! Hope you and your family are doing well. Tell them all hello and Merry Christmas from us when you see them.


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