Last winter we took on eleven of Mom and Dad’s bottle lambs.  They were mostly from Romanovs who had multiples, triplets and quadruplets, and unable to provide enough milk for all the babies.  One of the babies we acquired we lovingly named, Beltie, for the white belt around her tummy…like a belted cow.

Before she saw me.

The minute she saw me coming she was up and on her way to greet me.

She’s so sweet.

Most of the time.

The little cutie is so good to let me take her picture, but just gets a littlel too close.  I think she eventually got her feelings hurt from me pushing her back so I could get her in the picture.

Then she got bored with the camera and started digging in my pockets.


I had to catch her on the other side of the stock tank to get a decent picture of her.

That is Beltie in all her cuteness.

1 thought on “Beltie…”

  1. SUPER cute!! The pic of her getting your glove made me laugh!! I’ll have to show Isabella when we get home!!


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