Our Difficult Cat…Pudgy…

It is hard to believe he was the tamest kitten in the bunch when we first rescued 2 litters of kittens.  Now he is pretty wild and ill mannered.

The weather has been unseasonably warm here in Kansas and when a cold front was schedule to arrive one evening last week Pudgy decided to be difficult and not go in the pool house to be locked up that evening.  I tried several times to get him in.  Randy tried to get him in when he got home late from work that night.  He just wouldn’t go in and since we can’t catch him away from the food bowl he had to spend the night outside.

We hate leaving our cats outside, especially in the cold.  Pudgy left us no choice.

The next morning he greeted Randy at the front door meowing and chatting up a store.  He had made a bad decision and realized it too late.  Granted we have sheep sheds, hay sheds, and whatever else he can get in and by farm standards this is more than sufficient, but not for our little over privileged little kitty. He wanted in his insulated pool house with his 8 foot tall cat tower and cat beds galore.

He had misunderstood what, “Pudgy this is your last chance” meant.

 Funny, he was one of the first ones in the pool house the following night.

He was smart enough not to make the same mistake twice…or at least two nights in a row.  I’m sure he will do it again someday.

Have a wonderful day!

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