Ruby Update…

Just thought I would post a little update on Ruby.  She has come leaps and bounds since we picked her up along the highway on our vacation in August, but still has a long ways to go.  From a health standpoint she has made a full recovery.  Socially she still has a ways to go.  Her personality has really started to show the more comfortable she gets in our home.  She is great and appears most comfortable with the other dogs than with human interaction.  However, does better with male human interaction than female which leads us to believe it may have been a female who mistreated her in the passed.

This is Ruby when she first came to live with us:

By the way that is kombucha tea, not beer in the corner of this picture!

This is Ruby after being in our home for nearly five months:

 You can just see how much more comfortable she is, how much healthier her coat is, and how she has gotten to a healthy weight as well.

The little girl is improving everyday.  We are commited to helping her regain her health and her security with humans as much as we possibly can.

She is a new woman!  We love you Ruby and can’t imagine our lives without you.

2 thoughts on “Ruby Update…”

  1. What an awesome thing you are doing! I just received my first foster dog last week (that I’ll adopt for sure). She is too skinny and scared of men. From the looks of your post, there is hope! I’m so glad.


  2. Gretch-

    You have really and truly given her a life worth living and she is so lucky to have a new and wonderful family. I love your blog and really admire the life you and your man live! I hope someday John and I can settle down and take in all the needy dogs in this world onto a large farm 🙂 You will be our inspiration!


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