Romanov, Texel, and Dorper Sheep…

Our original starter flock of sheep started with 15 Texel/Dorper crosses.  From there we began breeding up to full blooded Texels.  Along the way we acquire some Romanov ewe lambs from Mom and Dad and decided to add Romanovs to our premanent flock.  This year we used Romanov rams on our Dorper ewes and Texels ewes along with Texel rams on our Romanov ewes.  We are hoping this will give us not only multiple lambs (a Romanov trait) but also a faster growing, without as much grain lamb (a Texel trait).  We are now up to 80 ewes and 4 to 6 Romanov and Texels rams.

Yearling Romanov ewe

Two yearling Romanov ewes

Dorper ewe

See her squint anticipating the flash…and people say sheep are stupid.

Texel ewe…she was born our first lambing season and is actually only recorded at 50% Texel.

 She, however, acquired very “Texel” traits from her sire.

We plan to have Texel/Romanov and Dorper/Romanov lambs for sale in early summer.  We may also have a small starter flock of high percentage Texel ewes for sale with their recorded papers.

Have a great day!

1 thought on “Romanov, Texel, and Dorper Sheep…”

  1. I am looking for 50 head of romanov dorper ewes please call me at 740 641 6132 no emails just let me know what you have thanks


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