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Labor Day Weekend…

I have been planning and scribbling a list of to-dos and purchases to make for Randy and I to get back into some traditional eating (WAP and Nourishing Traditions).  This will include things like:


Cod liver oil/butter oil (Green Pastures)

grass-fed raw dairy products

fermented food (homemade sauerkraut)

soaked grains


bone broths

pasture/grass-fed meat (venison, chicken, beef)

local pork (nitrate, nitrite, and msg free)

organic fruits and vegetables whenever available


organ meats


coffee (probably the hardest thing on this list to give up, especially going into winter)


refined sugars and flours

chemicals and additives

high-fructose corn syrup


hydrogenated oils (use coconut instead)

We’ll see how it goes.  Randy is onboard, but we haven’t started yet.  We hope to add a workout into this plan, P90X, Yoga, stretching, and some treadmill time.  I hope to take my bike to work this week so I have a way to get around other than walking since I am carless due to carpooling.

Today was the last of the heat here (we think).  Our forecast gives us hope fall is on its way and our spirits are reflecting the cooler days predicted ahead.

We did lose a lamb this week to the heat.  We lost a lamb and a ewe earlier this summer due to heat.  We have four lambs struggling and getting doctored right now.  We are in hopes the cooler weather will be the boost they need to get turned around.  It is so hard to see them miserable and struggling in the heat.

We dropped hay yesterday and will continue to feed hay through the winter.  Our pastures are done for the year.  Little rain and blazing hot temperatures were hard on it and left little grass this year and will affect the grass available next year as well.  We need an early spring with sufficient rain to get that grass growing.

I can’t wait to throw open the windows and get some fresh, cool air in our house.  Our cookstove should be here in a few weeks.  We plan to go cut more wood (hedge) Monday.

Ruby is adjusting…everyday she makes progress.  Medically she seems fine.  Socially she has quite a ways to go.  She rode with Randy and I when we hauled lambs to the sale today.  Her head was up and she watched out the windows and walked comfortably across the seat back and forth to each of us.  A big improvement from the cowering little dog plastered to the floorboard like she has been everyday until today.  She still finds the closest corner of the house to hunker down in, but she will get there.  We try to take her with us as much as possible.  She’s going to be devasted when we leave and go back to work.  Thank goodness we had this week off to snuggle with her or her progress would have been even slower.  The other dogs don’t LOVE her, but they tolerate her pretty well considering she is 5 to 8 times smaller than her.  She goes back to the vet Friday to have her staples and stitches removed which means no more cone on her head at night.  She will be pumped about that…Ruby hates her cone!

Take care and have a safe and happy labor day weekend!






1 thought on “Labor Day Weekend…”

  1. Hello! Just stopping in to catch up on you and your farmstead. I am glad to see you are well and enjoying the fall. Take care.


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