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Ruby at Home…

We finally have Ruby home and settling in.  She is still pretty timid, but slowly coming around.

Here is Ruby and Randy at the Bentonville Farmer’s Market in front of Walton’s 5 & Dime before leaving Arkansas.  We had just picked Ruby up from the vet and wanted to see if we could find some fruit, pecans, or something fun as a thank you to mom, dad, and Craig for watching our farm while we were away.  We didn’t find any food, but did meet some really nice people.  One young couple we met asked if Ruby was a Brussels Griffon?  Randy said, “she’s a…we found her along the side of the road on our way from Kansas.”  We looked up Brussels Griffon when we got home and sure enough.  She fits that breed description exactly.

She seemed to feel more at ease inside the kennel than out.  Our three other dogs barking didn’t even phase her.  Did she come from a puppy mill?  Large breeder?  I guess we will probably never know.

We haven’t gotten her to eat solid food yet so I have been feeding her lamb milk replacer through a syringe.  She LOVES it.  This was the only way our got our cat, Max, back on solid food after his bout with pancreatitis, so I thought I would try it.

Not sure she has ever been on a leash.  She hates it, so that may take some training to get her to walk on a lead.

Here is the tongue she uses to lap up the milk out of the end of the syringe.  Everyday we are making a bit more progress.  Hope she continues to improve and warm up to us.

We took her up to see Grandma this morning.  She loves little dogs and loved Ruby.  Once she is a little more active and friendly it will be fun for Grandma.  This visit she was rolled up in the towel like a burrito because of all of her incisions and stitches.

I hope to continue to post on her progress here…and hope there is progress to post!

1 thought on “Ruby at Home…”

  1. SO sweet! I’d love to find a SMALL puppy like that!! I bet Grandma will have a great time with her! ❤


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