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Good shopping and reading…

While we were in Arkansas we found a really neat little store called Christian Book Outlet.  They had all sorts of stuff to look at from home decor and t-shirts to bibles, books, and greeting cards.  Randy and I stopped in the Conway, Arkansas store before heading to Pet Smart to look for a collar, leash, and tote for Ruby Thursday night.

I also finished up A Love That Multiplies by Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar.  It was an incredible book about a couple who believe in God and live each day according to His word.  This book takes an even closer look than their first book, The Duggars:  20 and Counting, at how they live their lives according to the bible.

We still have the movie Soul Surfer to watch and hope to watch it this week while we are home on vacation.

As I am typing this I am surrounded by four dogs and my husband who are all taking an afternoon nap.  The only sound besides the whirl of the ceiling fan is our chubby little blue heeler, Ash, trying to catch her breath.  They were outside for a few hours before coming in out of the afternoon heat, and she hasn’t quite recovered from the heat yet.

Happy Monday!

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