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Two Weekends of Work…

We had visitors in our pool house last weekend.

To say they destroyed it would be an understatement.  It took Randy and I 4-5 hours and a lot of bleach to get it back up to suitable standards for the cats.

Ruby is still terrified, but slowly coming around day by day.

*That looks like a 6-pack of Sapporo, but is Kombucha bottled in old beer bottles.

Even the other dogs are getting used to having Ruby around.  Thai is a good big brother.

Randy and I saw this awesome barn on our way to a co-workers house hauling him a calf mom and dad sold to him.  It was such an awesome barn, on the way back by I had to stop and snap a couple pictures.

After Randy sheared two llamas and trimmed one of the llamas hooves for some people, we hauled straw out to our lambing pens from a broken round straw bale.  After two pickup loads and a pitch fork we headed up with the tractor the get the third and final load that we will use in some of our smaller lambing pens.

It was so hot in the sheep shed unloading the straw, but we got it done.  Our big sheep shed is all ready for fall lambing.

We also cleaned the chicken coop the day before and got it all stuff with straw for winter.  The chickens were pumped!


1 thought on “Two Weekends of Work…”

  1. I have to say that is one sad looking little Ruby in the first picture…lol!!! Glad she’s doing better! She looks like she’s feeling more and more at home.


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