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Romanov Rams…

We bought two Romanov rams from Dad.  One will be used for breeding to our Dorper and Romanov ewes, and one will be used as a teaser ram.  We are hoping the teaser ram will do a couple of things for us:  increase prolifacy, compact our breeding season, and make it possible to lamb a little earlier in the spring (and still maintain a high number of lambs).

The Romanov for breeding is an exciting and daunting mission.  Romanovs are known for their large “litters” of lambs, so we are in hopes he will increase our numbers but within reason.  He is a quadruplet himself which is not a rare occurence for Romanovs.  Do I see bottle lambs in our future?

Meet the boys:

They didn’t have as far to travel as the Texel boys did…5 minutes not 5 hours.

Introductions were made.

And lunch was served.

When they finally got the courage to go out to pasture they headed straight for the Texels who had already bonded.

Look….sheep like us.

Eh wait…maybe they aren’t like us.

They still keep their distance from the Texels or the Texels from them, but hopefully they will all hit it off soon.  At least they aren’t fighting.

Then to add to the chaos we weaned four of our Texel ram lambs and threw them into the mix.

This is what I came home to.  

They have pretty much been keeping to themselves also.  But have finally stopped crying for their mamas.

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