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Hanging with our cats…

Eleven cats is a lot, yes, but when you have a farm there is plenty of room for everyone.

Except this little guy who is always in our Kool-Aid.

I know what you’re thinking…eh gross…don’t worry…I said it for you at the time.

Our million dollar kitties.  Cooter (left) has been in multiple “fights,” and I use the term “fights” very loosely because I’m not sure if one opponent just lays there and takes it if it is still considered a fight.  He has been stitched up, bandaged up, and hauled to the vet numerous times.  One time we think an owl or hawk actually got ahold of him and tore his back open.  Murphy (right) had something bite his foot (possibly a bull snake or snapping turtle we’ve found around the farm) or something fell on it we’re not sure.  He’s been to the vet, had it drained, and stitched up only to have it not heal.  A few weeks later he was back to the vet to have it ex-rayed and opended up to find a piece of bone had broken off inside his foot and was keeping it from healing.  He was stitched up and sent home for recovery.  You can see his left foot is stitched up.  Poor little guy, but he’s doing really well now.

Murphy and Cooter were hurt at the same time and in recovery in a dog kennel in the house.  Now Murphy is certain they are BFFs for life….Cooter still needs some convincing.   

Steady Bandit.

Yum.  There is always good eating on the grill.





And a couple jealous dogs on the inside looking out and wondering why those stupid cats are getting all the attention…their words, not mine.

2 thoughts on “Hanging with our cats…”

  1. Gretchen,

    Love, love, love, the kitties! I can’t wait to show my daughter! I hope your summer is going well!



  2. Looks like they are getting alot tamer. All are so adorable, even the inside babies. 🙂


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