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New Texel Rams…

We have upped our ram count from two to six in the last couple of weeks.  We loaded up mom and dad’s pickup with a stock rack and headed to Sedalia, Missouri for the Midwest Stud Ram Sale.  We also hauled two puppies to the sale so they wouldn’t have to stay the duration of the sale (6 days) with their owner before being sold to individuals attending the sale.

And the shy one….aren’t they cute!

Once the puppies were dropped off with their owner it wast time to get serious.  We headed to the Sheep Pavilion where the Texels were to start looking at rams and deciding who we were going to bid on.  It was so hot and humid while we waited for the sale to start.  I thought I was going to die.  I’m not really great in the heat and that’s putting it nicely…I’m a sweater.

We ended up with the two exact rams we were hoping for.  A Texel Yearling from Fisher Texels and a ram lamb from Erdman Texels.  Randy went to get the pickup moved closer so we could load up our boys and get headed back home.  We had a 5+ hour drive ahead of us and wanted to get them moving so they could keep cool.

Once we got them home they were quarantined from the other sheep to make sure they were healthy and happy before shocking them with our two rams.  One of which is kind of a pain.

We were happy with how the sale turned out.  It is always a little stressful.  Between the drive, bidding on them, and hauling them home…it takes it out of us.

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