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Still no home study…

We were in hopes our home study would arrive last week.  However, last week came and went and still no home study.  We still aren’t getting impatient.  I’ll admit I gave Randy my huffy, “our home study didn’t come again today” Friday and Saturday evening.  If it isn’t setting in our mailbox when I get home today I will probably do the same tonight.  He’s expecting it from me now.  I don’t want to let the him down.

We have been asked numerous times about adopting a Haitian baby.  We would definitely consider adopting from Haiti if a reasonable process is implemented, but for now Ethiopia is where our first adoption will take place.  Finances are always a concern where international adoption is concerned so for now we are focusing on our current adoption and anxiously awaiting our home study, so we can anxiously await our referral, so we can anxiously await our travel date.  We are still trying to finish up the requirements for a U.S. adoption as well so we will see what the future holds for our family.

It seems as of right now our 21 chickens, 70 sheep, 11 cats, 3 dogs, 1 llama, and at least 5 stray cats and kittens are keeping our days (and nights) full.  Today is the first official day our sheep could start lambing.  We are praying for a uneventful lambing season where everyone is healthy and safe.  We are always anxious for it to get underway once the due date has arrived.

Hope everyone has a wonderful day!

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