Still Waiting on Medical…

Randy and I took off work early Thursday afternoon, rushed home (we each have an hour commute) to do chores, to hop in a car together and drive another half hour to pick up our medical letters from our doctor’s office to discover…….they did them wrong.

I emailed the letters again today to our doctor’s office so they could redo them and mail them to us asap.  They originally told me they didn’t have email capabilities, so I tried faxing them repeatedly which never went through.  Then I had to rely on the good ol’ US Postal Service.  The post office may be slower than email or faxing, but at least it is consistent.  They received the mailed forms and proceeded to do them incorrectly.  This time around (and considering it’s taken them 3 weeks to sign two pieces of paper) I was given an email address for speedy processing.

Randy and I know this is all part of God’s plan for us and our soon-to-be family.  Maybe our baby isn’t born yet so our adoption will have to be slowed down some?  Like Randy said, “it is teaching us patience.”  It will all come through in perfect time.  In the meantime there are lots of things to plan, purchase, and worry about, and we are doing them all while we wait.

Hope everyone has a wonderful day!

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