Adoption Update….

Just thought I would let those of you know who don’t already.  We are putting our adoption on hold.  There are numerous reasons for doing so, but the big one that got the ball rolling was the adoption tax credit not being renewed at the full amount.  This credit has been around for years, and even though we knew this was a possibility we forged ahead anyway.  Although we didn’t technically need it for the initial adoption, we were hoping it would help us with our second international adoption especially since we would only have one income the second time around.

Second, we really want to pay our mortgage off and become debt free.  As long as I keep working we have the possibility of making this happen in three years.  I don’t know if I can hold out three years to start our family, but we are going to give it a go.

There were little details along the way contributing to our final decision to put it on hold.  The travel time was a bit longer than we had anticipated, and my parents were not overly enthusiastic about watching our farm for that long regardless of the reason.  There were some expenses that popped up for once we were in Nepal that we hadn’t accounted for.  The vaccination list was also a huge, disturbing factor that played heavily into our decision. 

In the end, we decided to put things on hold and see where we are in a couple of years.  The economy is so scary right now.  The health care uncertainty is scary.  The list goes on and on. 

We are going over our options and patiently waiting for the answers we need to make this decision and move on to the next part of our lives. 

We would like to thank everyone for their support while we are going through this process and to our references for doing paperwork after paperwork to appease the agencies. 

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