Isn’t she cute!

All tucked away sleeping!

Well, this little bundle of fluff just finished off her 4th or so pillowcase this morning.  I bought organic sheets hoping to help Randy with his asthma.  Those were goners a few weeks back!  Our little darling is the ripe ol’ age of seven and still insists on being naughty.She gets on our bed (broken rule #1), licks Randy’s pillowcase (unspoken broken rule #2), and eventually devours, as in literally eats the pillowcase (broken rule #3).  Not the entire pillowcase mind you, but on any given day this beauty can put away 1/2 of a pillowcase in the time it takes Randy to take a shower in the morning. We usually baby gate off our bedroom because of this behavior, however, when the baby gate fails to get put up, pillowcases are eaten.  It’s a fact of life in our home.Now we get to monitor her to make sure she passes it, and then we get to clean up the backyard full of green cotton pillowcase debris. 

She knows she’s being naughty because the minute you walk in on her she tucks her tail, ear, and cowers.  Something inside her little speckled head cannot process the “don’t do it” message.

I always say, you just haven’t lived until you’ve owed a cattledog!

I could write a book on this puppy!  She has destroyed more things in her mere seven years than we can even begin to count.  One time she literally ate her way into our home in Alabama; screen, wood blinds, and the window trim for good measure.


1 thought on “Ash…”

  1. She might be naughty, but she’s still grandma and grandpa’s girl and we love her. We also love our other two babies too.


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