By the Light of the Harvest Moon…

Well, not really.  It was morning, but it was the harvest moon that night. 

We put our garden to rest over the weekend.  It wasn’t the most productive garden we ever had, but we did get plenty of produce for ourselves.  We just didn’t have a lot left over to sell.  We had a (5 gallon) bucket full of sweet potatoes, 2 buckets of bell peppers, and a basket full of a variety of hot peppers, okra, and tomatoes.



Considering all the Bermuda grass growing in our garden you would think we put it to rest months ago.  However, we decided to leave the patches for the chickens and sheep knowing they would soon be on the garden for the winter.  I also scattered turnip seeds all over the garden for winter grazing. 


Our compost bin reached maximum capacity.  The right side of this photo shows our dead/dying pole bean crop.  It grew up the fence bordering our garden.  It looks kind of strange, so thought I would clarify.  The gas tank is not in use so no contamination going on either.  Under the gas tank is passion flower.  Somedays we wish the gas tank was in use so the spills would take care of the passion flower.  It is almost scary the way it grows and spreads.  Think Kudzu if you’re in the South!  I’m a little concerned and we’re really considering attempting to get rid of it before it takes over our entire farm (which we think may actually be a possibility).


With half the bell peppers I made approximately 4 dozen stuffed green peppers for the freezer.  A quick meal for those nights when all you want to do is order a pizza.


Okra has to be the easiest thing I’ve ever put up before.  All I do is rinse it.  Place it in a collander to dry.  Cut into pieces.  Flash freeze.  Place in freezer bags until needed.  Thankfully it’s that easy because we had a lot of okra.

There is a chance it may freeze over the weekend.  We still need to get all our hoses up and the rest of our tomato and pepper plants pulled.  We got 3/4 of the garden done, so hopefully we can finish up the rest this weekend.  We are headed into our “down time.”

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