Around the Homestead

Lunch Out…

We visted an Amish community over the weekend.



And had a fun lunch here.


It was a good lunch and a fun atmosphere.


Carriage Ride (we didn’t partake).

We did a little shopping here and there.  I needed some shelving for a closet in the worse way.  I found just what I needed.  Randy was nice enough to install my shelving that evening so I could start putting things away.


We have very little storage in our home.  I had stuff setting everywhere.  Mainly kitchen equipment I had no where to go with.  Now I have shelves and room for one more set.  Randy said he would put them up if I want to go get more material.  Dad was nice enough to cut everything down to size for us Saturday evening.


Our house is so much nicer now with all the spare equipment picked up and put away.  Yea!

1 thought on “Lunch Out…”

  1. Wooo! I have an organization fetish. Also one of my favorite memories is eating biscuits and gravy in Yoder with my gramma after a farm sale. TRIPLE SIGH


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