Animals, Around the Homestead

Baby Snake…

Look what I found on our front porch.


The keys are for size comparison!



Isn’t the little guy vicious?  No one told him a #2 pencil could whoop him.

It’s already pretty cold here.  We’re low on bugs.  I worry about animals….that’s what I do.  I wanted to save the day, but knew captivity wouldn’t do the trick.  I truly believe wild animals are meant to be in the wild (what’s left of it).  As much as I would love to have a pet raccoon or a pet chimpanzee, I would rather see them in their natural environment. 

Have a great day!

2 thoughts on “Baby Snake…”

  1. Atleast is smaller than the one we saw in May going across the flower bed that Cooder kept his eye on.


  2. I like his little tongue. So scary! Magic the Cat would play with him, then fall asleep and accidentally smother him with her rolls.


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