Are we really nice people or just suckers??????

I’m obviously looking for lots of positive reinforcement here to affirm the decisions we have made.  We have determined the people who can look the other way, have no regrets, and never look back have it way easier than we do.  They have it way easier because they don’t have this:



now residing in their pool house!

Six new kittens on the ride home from Grandma’s.  The seventh one arrived later because we couldn’t find him the first time around.  We just couldn’t sleep knowing we had left one lone kitten all by himself.  So that afternoon we ran back up to Grandma’s and dug him out from under the brush pile they had been residing in.


I just flipped the lights on them.  They have that “Mom, it’s early” look about them.  One of them was already on his way over to greet me, so the picture is short one.  *Sorry it’s fuzzy…..I guess we were all a little fuzzy this morning.


They get warm raw milk mornings, first thing when I get home, and right before bed.  They haven’t quite mastered drinking from a bowl yet.  There is a lot of snorting and sneezing going on.


Max and Murphy really do love each other.


Who doesn’t need a good rabbit-kick in the face to get them going in the mornings?


We are forever shaking kittens off our legs.  Good thing it’s not shorts season.

Everyone has adjusted well.  There is less hissing and snarling going on. Cooter is still a streak of orange out the pool house door in the mornings.  He is ready for his independence outside away from all the little ones by the time 5:00 am rolls around.

Have a wonderful day!

2 thoughts on “Are we really nice people or just suckers??????”

  1. Poor Ebony! And thanks for warming the cockles of my heart with KITTEN EXPLOSION!!!! I love all animals, but kittehs are my soul animal. I almost teared up looking at their sleepy little faces.

    Hey, since Cooter comes inside, do you treat him for fleas? Magic does go outside from time to time, and I learned the hard way that I have to do flea prevention even in her case. I reluctantly treat her with Frontline Plus from the vet each month during flea season, but a few weeks ago she got fleas anyway. It’s not really bad– she usually has two or three crawling on her and leaves flea dirt wherever she goes, but I haven’t seen them anywhere but on her. It’s been a tiring process of laundering things, vacuuming upholstery, throwing away vacuum bags, *trying* to use a flea comb on Magic’s thick coat, etc., to avoid a full-blown infestation. I got a pill called Capstar to give her immediate relief as our efforts using bath or comb to clean her up have failed. (It’s supposed to kill the live fleas, whereas Frontline just inhibits the egg-hatching cycle.) Frontline has been working for years, but I’ve read that the flea population is increasingly immune to it. So I made the vet refund my remaining Frontline and will treat her with something else when her next dosage (probably the last one until spring) roles around in a couple weeks. Jordan picked up some Advantage but I’m soooooo not crazy about the poisonous topical stuff. I’ve also heard of an oral treatment called Program that’s supposed to be quite safe. Damn FLEAS!!!!!!! Poor baby is licking herself to death. I have to sleep on the couch because I can’t sleep with her licking and scratching. Just keep her out of the bedroom, you say? Well, that’s what a normal person would do.


  2. Love the pictures of the new babies. Cooter looks so proud. Also it’s about time you put some pictures of you on.


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